Mice are gross… there are no two ways about it. They smell, they carry diseases, they are dirty, and they are destructive. And no one ever likes to find mouse droppings… But where are they all coming from?

That is a common question we get asked by many clients. Just because we have a clean home and keep things sealed up, does not mean we will never have a mouse issue. Mice are looking for the same things we are – food, warmth, and shelter. And guess what – they found all of that in your home.

Our homes look very appealing to mice. They don’t have t worry about hawks, owls, or other big predators in our homes. They also have a food source and warmth. Also, insulation apparently makes a comfy space for them too.

In addition to that, many types of mice can compress their bodies into a hole smaller than a dime, so it is really hard to be able to seal up your home enough to keep them completely out. But that doesn’t mean you can’t limit them though.

For instance, keep food in sealed plastic containers. Also, seal up any easily accessible openings, such as around doors and windows. Mice can chew through quite a bit to make an opening for themselves, so try filling holes with copper wool before sealing the openings (copper so that it doesn’t rust and stain things).

With a little bit of work you can limit the number of mice that enter your home. Of course, if you think you have a bigger issue, be sure to contact a qualified pest control operator.

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