Around the United States, statistics say that there is a burglary committed around once every 13 seconds. Of course, those statistics are from before this crazy year we’ve had, so who knows what’s going on now! It goes without saying that we want to protect ourselves and our loved ones from bad things like crime. However, if you’re a rental property owner, you also have a legal and moral obligation to protect your tenants from burglary. So what can you do?

Regardless of whether your rental property is residential or commercial, the same principles apply. Good lighting, secure locks on doors and windows, fences, cameras, or alarms are all beneficial. While some of these items can cost money to implement, you might also consider the cost of not having a tenant, or the time spent trying to find new, quality tenants in this world climate. Spending a little time and money on protecting your rental property may be quite valuable over time.

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