I am a highly qualified and deeply dedicated professional home inspector. I inspect every home as if I were buying it myself, and I am not “afraid to get dirty” to make sure I inspect your house the way it should be. From roof to foundation, we make sure you get the home inspection you deserve.

My background in the construction and inspection industry is extensive. I have spent years involved in the technical aspect of construction that has lead me to have some of the highest qualifications in the industry.

I spent my years “in the trenches” working on every aspect of the construction process. This experience is one of my greatest assets – as I not only see issues, I understand them because I have worked on them and fixed them with my own two hands.

As my career progressed, I worked with building system experts and engineers day in, and day out. I thoroughly understand the technical aspects of building systems. Using the best tools for the job makes the inspection thorough, I have years of experience detecting water leaks, structural problems, and electrical and HVAC deficiencies.

All of this has helped me to become the home inspector I am today. I provide thorough home inspections that not only meet – but exceed the standards. I bring every bit of my knowledge and experience to every home inspection and every client.

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